"Applied Credit Enhancement in the Commercial Sector"

This is how you can get your project in funds! Find out how you can backup Credit Lines and leverage your finances through "Securities Borrowing and Lending".

Section 1 - Probably the only way to get access to valid Credit Enhancement Collateral

When referring to Credit Enhancement in the commercial sector, banks lend money against financial instruments which have been generated for a specific purpose and period of time and can be borrowed from a collateral owner, usually an investor. Read more...

Section 2 - You have a bank willing to extend a Loan to you?

The aim of the service is to increase the company's capital stack to enable project funding. During the project building and implementation process, equity increases in value within the capital stack and eliminates the requirement for (borrowed) collateral. Read more...

Section 3 - Expect a Professional Service without a Financial Commitment

Depending upon the financial strength of the borrower, this small fee is advanced by the Facilitator for the borrower, or if the borrower is not fully qualified, he will have to place the Commitment Fee to start the transaction. Read more...

Section 4 - The Essentials when Borrowing and Lending Securities

A securities dealer will buy, hold and lend the unconditional use of the securities to you in the form of an SBLC or Bank Guarantee to serve as your cash collateral for an agreed period of time.


Section 5 - Securities Lending from a Securities Owner’s Perspective

In decades of lending securities Investors and Securities owners have focused on competitive returns while balancing return, risk and cost. But if an Investor lends his securities to you, there is a Capital at Risk! Read more...



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