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We are looking for brokers able to seize opportunities for new experiences to be carried out as a second activity: A few hours per day, on weekends or while carrying out their main business. Each broker represents a unique and precious resource, whose constant commitment plays a key role in the success of the organization. Brokers can work in all countries of the world, in their work environment, without exclusivity and with borrowers (individual or companies) in every sector ranging from those who need financing for a project to those who participate in small and large contracts, etc. Greater profit for brokers - in the activity of leasing financial securities - is the intermediary fees that broker receive at successfully conclusion of the transaction. To start a new activity, it would be necessary to know the subject to deal with it competently. So download all the documents and study them very carefully. We do not educate clients, or intermediaries. If you have issues understanding these NON CHANGEABLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, please talk to a professional financial advisor who will be able to explain such details. Leasing of financial instruments activity knowledge /process is acquired by starting to work. Once you have registered here, we will secure your commission!