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Talk to your receiving bank!

Seek your receiving bank’s consent to this Securities Borrowing and Lending transaction and the highly rated financial collateral that will be provided through this for the agreed upon period of time. Present to them the (absolutely clean and unconditional) verbiage of the fully cash backed, assignable and divisible SBLC or BG you can expect to receive via SWIFT MT760 issued through a major world bank like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays, UBS, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, BNP Paribas Bank and JP Morgan Chase.

Find out further if they will support you, and which of the 4 (conditional) payment instruments they would be prepared to send (or endorse): (A) Conditional Irrevocable Pay Order (ICPO) endorsed by borrower’s bank, (B) Unconditional Promissory Note endorsed by receiving bank, (C) conditional payment SWIFT MT103, (D) Conditional Documentary Credit to be sent by SWIFT MT 700

Explain to your bank that you are given the opportunity to extend the collateral instrument service for up to 5 years, or if no longer needed, get their consent to return the instrument after 350 days unencumbered.

Then talk to us!

Talk to your Business Development Officer, to clear basic issues, or request a phone call with one of our Intake Officers to elaborate a solution to specific issues you may have, to find and structure a possible solution for you that has not been described on this website. Place your “Application for a Contract”. Download and complete the Business Support Contract for us to assess to what extend and on which terms you may be qualified to receive and benefit from our prime bank collateral service.



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