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For more than three decades the Selective Financial Services Group has acted as facilitators for different financial transactions involving Securities Borrowing and Lending.

Through Securities Dealers we structure collateral services and lend financial instruments and avail financial services to qualified clients on a strictly confidential basis. Our clients include some of the biggest corporations, hedge funds and traders. We work with investment banks and securitization experts and lend financial assets for an agreed upon period of time to asset managers, brokers, family offices, venture capitalists, private equity firms and private banks and serve commercial private sector companies and selective financial institutions. Companies within our group operate from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Gibraltar, Cyprus and a number of offshore locations. Our selective financial services are available to principals and qualified companies and corporations globally.

The aim of this Bank Guarantee Collateral Program

Bank Guarantees are powerful collateral for an agreed upon period of time, provided on the basis of collateral borrowing and lending to attract private-sector investments and commercial financing for strong development outcomes that support economic growth.

• Mobilize private investment (equity and debt) for strategic projects or sector support
• Mitigate key risks to enable financial viability and bankability
• Enhance the credit quality of obligors to achieve acceptable or affordable levels
• Reduce costs and improve financing terms for projects and governments

Main Features

• Guarantees can provide “AAA” risk mitigation
• Risk mitigation aims to promote balanced risk allocation between government and private investors, or between public entities in cross-border projects
• Guarantees are flexible and adaptable to multiple contractual structures
• Tenor is for one year and may extend to up to 5 years

Bank Guarantee Collateral is available for an agreed upon period of time to benefit

• Domestic or international investors
• Foreign or local currency obligations
• Domestic or international markets
• Project financing, corporate financing, and project, corporate or sovereign bonds

The main benefits of Bank Guarantee Collateral

Our Bank Guarantee Collateral offer multiple advantages to stakeholders involved in strategic government and corporate investments and financially structured products and programs.

What our Collateral Bank Guarantees mean to banks and private investors

• Improvement of the overall credit quality of the investment through the partial use of “AAA” rated instrument to mitigate key risks
• Mitigation of counterparty risk with governments, political sub-divisions, or government-owned entities
• Strong support to maintain or open new markets despite credit downturns
• Project bankability, sustainability, and replicability
• Facilitate Public Private Partnerships
• Attract investors to strategic sectors that require large and long-term investments
• Diversification of financing sources beyond development financing
• Reduction of project costs and bringing cost of commercial financing to affordable levels
• Project bankability, sustainability, and replicability.


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